Wilms Tumor⚡Mnemonic⚡

Here are all the mnemonics you ever wanted on ⚡Wilms Tumor⚡. These mnemonics covers all aspects of the disease/health condition 

Causes of Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “TIGER”

T – Genetic Traits (like WT1 gene mutations)

I – Inherited Syndromes (like WAGR syndrome)

G – Growth Disorders (like Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome)

E – Environmental Unknowns

R – Rare Cases (sporadic mutations)


Triggers for Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “PANDA”

P – Predisposed Genetic Background

A – Abdominal Trauma (theoretically)

N – Nephrogenic Rests (precursor lesions)

D – Developmental Anomalies

A – Asymptomatic In Early Stages


Risk Factors For Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “LIONS”

L – Family History of Wilms Tumor

I – Inherited Genetic Conditions

O – Overgrowth Syndromes

N – Nephroblastomatosis

S – Certain Birth Defects


Warning Signs of Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “SHARK”

S – Swelling or Lump in the Abdomen

H – Hematuria (blood in urine)

A – Abdominal Pain

R – Reduced Appetite

KKidney Malfunction Signs


Predisposing Factors of Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “ZEBRA”

Z – Genetic Zygosity (like in twins)

E – Embryonic Developmental Issues

B – Birth Weight (high birth weight)

R – Racial Disparities (slightly higher in African Americans)

A – Aniridia (absence of the iris)


Signs & Symptoms of Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “DOLPHIN”

D – Distended Abdomen

O – Occasional Fever

L – Loss of Appetite

P – Pain in the Abdomen

H – Hypertension (high blood pressure)

I – Intestinal Obstruction Symptoms

N – Nausea and Vomiting


Characteristic Findings In Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “BEAR”

B – Big Tumor Size (relative to kidney size)

E – Encapsulated Mass

A – Abnormal Vessels (around tumor)

R – Renal Involvement


What Should Be Avoided In Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “MONKEY”

M – Mechanical Pressure on Tumor Area

O – Overexertion (extreme physical activities)

N – Non-essential Imaging (to avoid radiation)

K – Kidney Strain (avoid nephrotoxic drugs)

E – Excessive Biopsies

Y – Yielding to Missed Follow-Ups


Drugs Used To Treat Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “PARROT”

P – Platinum Agents (like Cisplatin)

A – Actinomycin D

R – Radiotherapy (adjunct)

R – Renal-sparing Surgery

O – Oncology Support Medications

T – Taxanes (in certain cases)


Drugs To Avoid In Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “DONKEY”

D – Drugs Causing Nephrotoxicity

O – Overuse of NSAIDs

N – Nephrotoxic Antibiotics

K – Kidney Overloading Diuretics

E – Excessive Vitamin Supplements

Y – Yielding to Unproven Treatments


Radiological Features of Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “EAGLE”

E – Enlarged Kidney Size

A – Asymmetrical Kidney Shape

G – Geographical Necrosis Inside Tumor

L – Loss of Renal Architecture

E – Exclusion of Surrounding Structures


Diagnostic Tests for Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “FALCON”

F – Full Abdominal Ultrasound

A – Abdominal CT or MRI

L – Lab Tests (CBC, kidney function tests)

C – Chest X-ray (to check for metastasis)

O – Oncological Markers (if applicable)

N – Nephrology Consultation


Laboratory Findings In Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “SPARROW”

S – Slightly Elevated Liver Enzymes (in some cases)

P – Possible Hematuria

A – Anemia (occasionally)

R – Renal Function Abnormalities

R – Raised LDH (in some cases)

O – Occasional Thrombocytosis

W – WBC Count Variations


Complications of Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “OWL”

O – Obstruction of Kidney Functions

W – Widespread Metastasis (lungs, liver, etc.)

L – Long-term Renal Impairment


Differential Diagnosis of Wilms Tumor

Mnemonic: “JAGUAR”

J – Juvenile Nephronophthisis

A – Adrenal Tumors

G – Ganglioneuroma

U – Urological Anomalies (like hydronephrosis)

A – Abscess in the Kidney

R – Renal Cell Carcinoma (rare in children)



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