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Here is a quick mnemonic “VISUAL SYMPTOMS to remember about Vitreous Degeneration

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Vitreous Degeneration : How To Remember Easily ?

  • V – Vitreous Degeneration: This occurs in all individuals with advancing age, leading to visual symptoms.
  • I – Inertia of the vitreous gel causes a slight lag in the movement of floaters.
  • S – Shadows cast by opacities in the vitreous can create annoying visual disturbances.
  • U – Ultrasound is required to examine the interior of the eye for retinal tears or detachment in cases of vitreous hemorrhage.
  • A – Alarming shower of floaters and photopsia may herald sudden separation of the vitreous from the retina.
  • L – Laser application can forestall a retinal detachment if peripheral tears or holes are found during examination.
  • S – Sudden loss of vision can occur due to a ruptured retinal blood vessel caused by a tear in the retina.
  • Y – Your ophthalmologist may need to remove the vitreous surgically if the hemorrhage does not resolve spontaneously.
  • M – Mainly neovascular vessels on the surface of the retina in diseases like diabetes and sickle cell anemia can lead to vitreous hemorrhage.
  • P – Photopsia, the perception of flashing lights, is a brief symptom associated with vitreous traction on the retina.
  • T – Tears or holes in the peripheral retina can be detected during a careful examination of the dilated fundus.
  • O – Ocular diseases that cause ischemia can result in vitreous hemorrhage.
  • M – Movements of floaters are synchronized with the eye and can distract visual perception.
  • S – Scintillations of cortical migraine are bilateral and prolonged, in contrast to the brief photopsia seen in vitreous degeneration.


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