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Here is a quick mnemonic “EYE LESION DAMAGE to remember about Visual Fields

This can be valuable for patients as well as medical doctors, nurses & students doing their clinical rounds. You can also find it very useful for med exams like USMLE, MBBS, NEET PG, FMGE, NExT, MCAT & NCLEX exams

Visual Fields : How To Remember Easily ?

  • E – Eyes are susceptible to damage affecting vision.
  • Y – You can localize the site of the lesion accurately.
  • E – Examine the visual field deficit using confrontation.
  • L – Lesions in the retina produce corresponding scotomas.
  • E – Evaluate the optic nerve for characteristic patterns of damage.
  • S – Scotomas shaped like a Turkish scimitar indicate glaucoma.
  • I – Ischemic optic neuropathy causes altitudinal field cuts.
  • O – Optic disc damage results in various visual field defects.
  • N – Nasal ganglion cells decussate at the optic chiasm.
  • D – Determine the extent of compression on the optic chiasm.
  • A – Anterior lesions cause specific junctional scotomas.
  • M – Mass lesions in the sellar region affect both eyes.
  • A – Assess for bitemporal hemianopia caused by symmetric compression.
  • G – Geniculate body, optic radiations, and visual cortex can cause homonymous hemianopia.
  • E – Evaluate the visual acuity in each eye separately.


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