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The enteral way to give a drug is by putting it directly into the digestive system, where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestines. This is a common and useful way to give a drug because it can be done orally, through a feeding tube, or rectally.

The enteral way of giving drugs has a lot of benefits, such as being easy, not hurting the patient, and being cheap. But it also has some problems, like the chance that the medicine won’t be absorbed completely or that it will break down in the GI tract, and the risk of GI side effects.

Do you know the advantages of Enteral route of drug administration.? Here is an easy way to remember it that will help you to remember it during your medical exams

Advantages of Enteral route of drug administration (Mnemonics) :

  • E: Effective and efficient
  • A: Absorption can be controlled
  • T: Taste can be modified
  • S: Safe and simple
  • A: Accessible and affordable
  • F: Feeding can be combined with drug administration
  • E: Easy to administer

MnemonicEAT SAFE

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