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The mnemonic “GATE KEEPER” can aptly describe the relationship between temporal arteritis and headache. This mnemonic will take you through the main symptoms of headache in this condition as well which other physiological & anatomical structures are involved 

This is a mnemonic which I developed during my med school while i was learning the intricacies of temporal arteritis and its relationship with headache. This mnemonic has served me well and will help you to quickly remember this topic in less than 5 minutes

Headache In Temporal Arteritis Via Mnemonic  :

    • G – Giant cell arteritis is an inflammatory disorder of arteries
    • A – Annual incidence is 77 per 100,000 individuals aged ≥50
    • T – Typical presenting symptoms include headache, polymyalgia rheumatica, jaw claudication, fever, and weight loss
    • E – Extracranial carotid circulation is frequently involved
    • K – Keep in mind that prompt recognition is important to prevent blindness
    • E – Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is often elevated
    • E – Elderly individuals are more commonly affected
    • P – Prednisone is the treatment of choice
    • E – Explosive onset of headache can occur
    • R – Reddened, tender nodules or red streaking of the skin overlying the temporal arteries may be present



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