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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “SUPERIOR LABIAL to remember about Superior Labial Artery important facts


S – Superior Labial Artery arises from the facial artery.

U – Upper lip receives blood supply from this artery.

P – Palatine branches may also be involved in blood supply.

E – Extends along the upper lip’s vermilion border.

R – Runs parallel to the upper lip’s midline.

I – Important for supplying blood to the upper lip region.

O – Originates near the angle of the mouth.

R – Receives blood from anastomoses with other facial arteries.

L – Labial branches provide nourishment to the upper lip.

A – Anastomoses with the contralateral superior labial artery.

B – Branches into smaller vessels to reach various lip structures.

I – Innervated by branches of the facial nerve.

A – Artery’s primary function is to provide oxygen and nutrients to the upper lip.

L – Lips play a crucial role in speech, eating, and facial expressions.

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