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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “SUBMENTAL to remember about Submental Artery important facts


S – Superior to Mylohyoid Muscle: The Submental Artery runs superiorly (above) to the mylohyoid muscle in the oral cavity.

U – Unites with Facial Artery: The Submental Artery often unites or anastomoses with the facial artery, enhancing blood supply to the face.

B – Branch of Lingual Artery: The Submental Artery is a branch of the lingual artery, which arises from the external carotid artery.

M – Mylohyoid Region Supply: It primarily supplies the mylohyoid muscle, which is involved in swallowing and mouth closure.

E – Emerges Near Hyoid Bone: The Submental Artery emerges near the hyoid bone, which is a U-shaped bone located in the neck.

N – Nourishes Submandibular Gland: It also provides blood supply to the submandibular gland, aiding in saliva production.

T – Travels Through Submandibular Triangle: The Submental Artery travels through the submandibular triangle, a specific anatomical region in the neck.

A – Anastomoses with Sublingual Artery: In addition to the facial artery, it may also anastomose with the sublingual artery, ensuring proper blood circulation to the tongue.

L – Lingual Artery Branch: As mentioned earlier, it’s a branch of the lingual artery, which plays a crucial role in the blood supply to the tongue.

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