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Stener lesion is an extremely uncommon but potentially devastating thumb injury that results from the tearing of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) from its attachment on the thumb bone. (proximal phalanx). This can lead to weakening and instability of the thumb, which may necessitate surgical intervention.

The mnemonic “STENER” can be used to memorise the most important aspects of Stener lesion.

The key elements of Stener lesion, such as the afflicted anatomy, probable complications, diagnosis process, treatment options, and rehabilitation needs, can be easily remembered by students of medicine and nursing with the help of this mnemonic.

They can use this information to better comprehend and care for patients in clinical settings & in tough medical exams

Stener Lesion : How To Remember For Exams ?

  • S – Surgery (may be necessary to repair the torn UCL)
  • T – Thumb (location of the injury)
  • E – Extension (of the thumb may be weak or impossible)
  • N – Nerve injury (e.g., median nerve may be affected)
  • E – Exam (physical examination and imaging are used to diagnose the injury)
  • R – Rehabilitation (post-surgery)

Mnemonic: STENER


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