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Here is a quick mnemonic “PURE ALEXIA to remember about Pure Alexia Without Agraphia

This can be valuable for patients as well as medical doctors, nurses & students doing their clinical rounds. You can also find it very useful for med exams like USMLE, MBBS, NEET PG, FMGE, NExT, MCAT & NCLEX exams

Pure Alexia Without Agraphia : How To Remember Easily ?

  • P – Pure word deafness
  • U – Uninterrupted core language network
  • R – Right hemianopia present
  • E – Easily understands and produces spoken language
  • A – Acts illiterate when asked to read
  • L – Left visual hemifield cannot access language network
  • E – Exhibits intact nonvisual associations in the right hemisphere
  • X – eXperiences color anomia, can’t name colors but can match them
  • I – Involves vascular lesion or infiltrating neoplasm in left occipital cortex
  • A – Anterior transcallosal pathways facilitate language network access

Mnemonic : PURE ALEXIA 

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