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The Mnemonic “HEADACHE” can help you remember to remember the main features of post-traumatic headache. It is essential to remember this type of headache as it is an uncommon type but presents as a danger sign is those with trauma

This mnemonic was devised by me during my clinical rotations and has served me really well and I hope will help doctors, nurses & med students all over the world

Post-Traumatic Headache : Factors, Symptoms & Diagnosis

    • H – Head trauma can trigger headache
    • E – Event can be broad, including injuries, infections, and illnesses
    • A – Accompanying symptoms can include dizziness, vertigo, and impaired memory
    • D – Diagnosis may require normal neurologic examination and imaging studies
    • A – Aftermath can persist for weeks, months, or even years
    • C – Chronic subdural hematoma may mimic symptoms
    • H – Headache can also occur after carotid dissection and intracranial surgery
    • E – Engaging the meninges can trigger the headache process

Mnemonic:  HEADACHE 


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