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Pertnes lesion is characterised by an extra bone in the foot, and medical practitioners can remember important details about the condition, including the location and nature of the pain, the common causes of the injury, and the strategies to manage the symptoms, by recalling this mnemonic.

This will aid in accurate diagnosis and treatment, as well as the provision of proper education and direction for prevention and recovery.

Pain, swelling, and restricted motion are all symptoms of this foot injury called Pertnes lesion, also called Os Trigonum Syndrome.

Pertnes Lesion : How To Remember For Exams ?

  • P – Posterior ankle pain
  • E – Extra bone (Os Trigonum) present
  • R – Repetitive stress or trauma
  • T – Tenderness and swelling
  • N – Narrow shoe wear aggravates the pain
  • E – Exacerbated by plantar flexion
  • S – Surgery is a last resort

Mnemonic: PERTNES


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