Ovarian Cancer⚡Mnemonic⚡

Here are all the mnemonics you ever wanted on ⚡Ovarian Cancer⚡. These mnemonics covers all aspects of the disease/health condition 

Causes of Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “GIRAFFES”
G – Genetic mutations (BRCA1/BRCA2)
I – Increased age
R – Reproductive history (nulliparity, late menopause)
A – Asbestos exposure
F – Family history of ovarian or breast cancer
F – Fertility treatment
E – Endometriosis
S – Smoking


Triggers for Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “PIZZAS”
P – Postmenopausal hormone therapy
I – Inflammation (chronic pelvic inflammation)
Z – Zero pregnancies (nulliparity)
Z – Zinc deficiency
A – Asbestos and talc exposure
S – Stress (although not a direct cause, it may influence risk factors)


Risk Factors For Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “CHOCOLATE”
C – Caucasian ethnicity
H – High-fat diet
O – Obesity
C – Chronic pelvic inflammation
O – Older age
L – Late menopause
A – Ashkenazi Jewish heritage
T – Turner syndrome
E – Early menarche


Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “BALLOONS”
B – Bloating
A – Abdominal pain
L – Loss of appetite
L – Lower back pain
O – Ovulatory dysfunction
O – Obesity-related symptoms
N – Nausea
S – Swollen abdomen


Predisposing Factors of Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “CAMPFIRE”
C – Childlessness (nulliparity)
A – Age (older age)
M – Menstrual cycle irregularities
P – PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
F – Family history of ovarian cancer
I – Infertility treatment history
R – Radiation exposure
E – Estrogen therapy after menopause


Signs & Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “URGENT”
U – Urinary urgency or frequency
R – Rapid weight loss or gain
G – Gastrointestinal issues (constipation, diarrhea)
E – Energy loss (fatigue)
N – Nausea
T – Trouble eating or feeling full quickly


Characteristic Findings In Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “PEARLS”
P – Pelvic mass
E – Elevated CA-125 level
A – Ascites
R – Radiologic evidence of metastasis
L – Lower abdominal distension
S – Symptoms persisting for more than a few weeks


What Should Be Avoided In Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “NO SALT”
N – No unnecessary hormone replacement therapy
O – Obesity (avoid excessive weight gain)
S – Smoking
A – Alcohol in excess
L – Late-night eating
T – Talcum powder in the genital area


Drugs Used To Treat Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “BEACH”
B – Bevacizumab
E – Etoposide
A – Aromatase inhibitors
C – Carboplatin
H – Hormonal therapy (e.g., Tamoxifen)


Drugs To Avoid In Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “STOP”
S – St. John’s Wort (can interfere with cancer medications)
T – Tamoxifen (if BRCA mutation positive)
O – Oral contraceptives (risk varies)
P – Pain relievers containing aspirin (can increase bleeding risk)


Radiological Features of Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “RADIO”
R – Radiopaque mass on imaging
A – Ascites visible
D – Displacement of surrounding organs
I – Irregular borders of the tumor
O – Omental caking


Diagnostic Tests for Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “TESTS”
T – Transvaginal ultrasound
E – Endometrial biopsy
S – Serum CA-125 level
T – CT or MRI scans
S – Surgical exploration


Laboratory Findings In Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “LABS”
L – Low hemoglobin (anemia)
A – Altered liver function tests
B – BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation presence
S – Serum CA-125 elevation


Complications of Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “COMPLEX”
C – Constipation
O – Obstruction of the bowel
M – Metastasis
P – Pleural effusion
L – Lower limb lymphedema
E – Electrolyte imbalances
X – X-treme pain


Differential Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer
Mnemonic: “DOCTOR”
D – Diverticulitis
O – Ovarian cysts
C – Crohn’s disease
T – Tubo-ovarian abscess
O – Other gynecological malignancies
R – Renal pathologies

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