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Olney’s lesions are a rare but serious neurological disorder that can affect individuals of all ages. As a medical or nursing student, it’s crucial to understand the different aspects of Olney’s lesions, such as the areas of the brain affected, the symptoms associated with it, and the age of onset. 

To aid in this endeavor, I have developed a mnemonic for remembering the vital aspects of Olney’s lesions: OLNEY. This mnemonic will help us remember the key points of the disorder more easily, making it easier for us to recall it when we need it most.

Not only is this mnemonic helpful for medical and nursing students, but it’s also important for doctors worldwide.

Olney’s Lesions : How To Remember ?

  • O – Occipital lobe involvement
  • L – Lateral ventricle dilatation
  • N – Neuropsychiatric symptoms
  • E – Edema in white matter
  • Y – Young age of onset

Mnemonic: OLNEY


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