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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “MUSCULOPHRENIC ARTERY to remember Musculophrenic Artery important facts

  • 📖 “Atlas of Human Anatomy” by Netter
  • 📗 “Gray’s Anatomy” by Gray
  • 📚 “Essentials of Clinical Anatomy” by Moore
  • 📕 “Clinical Anatomy by Regions” by Snell
  • 📘 “The Human Body Book” by DK
  • 📔 “Surgical Anatomy” by Skandalakis
  • 📙 “Anatomy & Physiology Workbook For Dummies” by Rae
  • 📓 “Histology: A Text and Atlas” by Ross

Musculophrenic Artery : How To Remember Easily ?

  • MMuscles: The Musculophrenic Artery supplies blood to the diaphragmatic muscles.
  • UUpper: It arises from the upper part of the internal thoracic artery.
  • SSternum: It runs alongside the sternum, providing blood to nearby structures.
  • CChest: This artery plays a crucial role in vascularizing the chest wall.
  • UUnder: It travels under the costal cartilages as it courses down.
  • LLower: Eventually, it continues lower, giving off branches to the abdominal wall.
  • OOverlying: It may have branches that pass overlying the transversus abdominis muscle.
  • PPhrenic Nerve: The musculophrenic artery often runs close to the phrenic nerve.
  • HHepatic Segment: In some cases, it may contribute to the hepatic segment of the arterial supply to the liver.
  • RRectus Abdominis: It supplies branches to the rectus abdominis muscle.
  • EEpigastric Region: Its branches play a role in vascularizing the epigastric region.
  • NNourishment: Overall, the Musculophrenic Artery is vital for the nourishment of various structures in the chest and abdominal regions.
  • IIntercoastal Spaces: It may send branches into the intercostal spaces.
  • CCollateral Circulation: This artery contributes to the collateral circulation in the chest and abdomen.
  • AAnastomoses: It forms anastomoses with other arteries, ensuring proper blood supply to these regions.
  • RRespiratory Function: Adequate blood supply from the musculophrenic artery supports the respiratory function of the diaphragm and surrounding muscles.
  • TThoracoabdominal: It is considered a thoracoabdominal artery due to its distribution.
  • EExternal Iliac: It can be traced down to an area near the external iliac artery.
  • RRadiological Imaging: The musculophrenic artery may be visualized in radiological imaging when examining the chest and abdominal regions.
  • YYielding: The Musculophrenic Artery yields branches that play a crucial role in the vascularization of the chest and abdomen.


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