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This mnemonic “MOREL-LAVE” can help medical and nursing students remember the essential clinical characteristics of a Morel-Lavallee lesion.

They can more quickly recognise and diagnose this condition in patients who have experienced a traumatic injury by utilising this instrument, which can help to guarantee proper management and treatment.

A Morel-Lavallee lesion is a type of closed degloving injury that develops when the skin and subcutaneous tissue are abruptly torn away from the fascia beneath, causing a space to fill with fluid and/or blood.

Morel-Lavallee Lesion : How To Remember For Exams ?

  • M – Massive shearing force causes the lesion
  • O – Occurs due to separation of skin and subcutaneous tissue from the underlying fascia
  • R – Results in a closed degloving injury
  • E – Extravasation of lymph, blood, and other fluids can accumulate in the lesion
  • L – Lesion commonly occurs in the hip, thigh, and pelvis regions
  • L – Lacerations or fractures can be associated with the lesion
  • A – Abscess formation or infection can complicate the lesion
  • V – Vigilant monitoring is important as delayed diagnosis and treatment can result in complications and poor outcomes
  • E – Early recognition and intervention can lead to successful management and resolution of the lesion.

Mnemonic: MOREL-LAVE


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