Mnemonic _ Thoracoacromial artery branches medical notes

“ABCD” is the easiest way to remember the Thoracoacromial artery branches.

This simple yet effective mnemonic breaks down the Thoracoacromial artery branches into four easy-to-remember categories: Acromial, Clavicular, Deltoid, and Pectoral.

By associating each branch with a letter in the mnemonic, medical and nursing students, as well as doctors worldwide, you will be easily able to recall the information you need during exams or while treating patients.

The Thoracoacromial artery is a vital blood vessel that supplies blood to the upper body, including the pectoral muscles, shoulder joint, and upper arm. Its branches are important to know for anyone working in the medical field

How To Remember The Thoracoacromial artery branches?

Thoracoacromial artery branches

  • Acromial artery
  • Breast (pectoral) artery
  • Clavicular artery
  • Deltoid artery

Mnemonic: “ABCD”



Mind Map / Concept Map / Mnemonic To Remember Thoracoacromial artery branches

Mnemonic _ Thoracoacromial artery branches


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