Mnemonic _ Spermatic cord contents Medical Notes

Males have a cord-like structure called the spermatic cord, which is made up of the vas deferens (ductus deferens) and surrounding tissue and extends from the deep inguinal ring to each testicle.

The tunica vaginalis, its serosal layer, is actually an outgrowth of the peritoneum that travels through the transversalis fascia.

How To Remember The Spermatic cord contents ?

Mnemonic : Spermatic cord contents

  • Ductus deferens
  • Cremasteric artery
  • Testicular artery
  • Genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve
  • Sympathetic nerve fibers
  • Lymphatic vessels
  • Artery of the ductus deferens
  • Pampiniform plexus

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Mnemonic _ Spermatic cord contents

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