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How To Remember The Maxillary artery branches?

Maxillary artery branches

  • Deep auricular artery
  • Anterior tympanic artery
  • Middle meningeal artery
  • Inferior alveolar artery
  • Accessory meningeal artery
  • Masseteric artery
  • Pterygoid artery
  • Deep temporal artery
  • Buccal artery
  • Sphenopalatine artery
  • Descending palatine artery
  • Infraorbital artery
  • Posterior superior alveolar artery
  • Middle superior alveolar artery
  • Pharyngeal artery
  • Anterior superior alveolar artery
  • Artery of the pterygoid canal

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Mind Map / Concept Map / Mnemonic To Remember Maxillary artery branches


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