Chronic Osteomyelitis Treatment Secondary to Human Bite Mnemonics

Here is mnemonic “ODD BITES” on the treatment principles in Chronic Osteomyelitis due to human bite

A severe bone infection called chronic osteomyelitis can result from a human bite. Chronic osteomyelitis following a human bite demands a multifaceted strategy that targets the illness as well as any underlying causes. The following are some general guidelines for treating persistent osteomyelitis caused by a human bite:

Treatment of osteomyelitis often begins with the administration of antibiotics. The infection‘s severity and the bacteria’s susceptibility inform the decision of which antibiotic to use. Possible treatment success with a mix of antibiotics.

When medications fail to clear an infection, surgery may be required to remove the affected bone or tissue. Reconstructive operations like bone grafting or skin grafting may be required to fix the damage caused by the infection.

Good wound care is necessary to stop the spread of infection and get the wound to heal. The wound should be cleaned often, any necessary topical treatments or dressings should be applied, and the affected part should be kept elevated and immobilised.

Conditions including diabetes, immunodeficiency diseases, and vascular disease should be managed since they may contribute to the development of chronic osteomyelitis. In order to stop the illness from spreading again, it is crucial to treat these underlying causes.

Treatment Principles In Chronic Osteomyelitis Due To Human Bite : 

  • Open treatment
  • Debridement
  • Drugs (antibiotics)
  • Blood work
  • Irrigation
  • Tetanus prophylaxis
  • Exploration
  • Swabs

Mnemonic: “ODD BITES”



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Treatment Principles In Chronic Osteomyelitis Due To Human Bite Medical Notes

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