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As a doctor, I can attest to the difficulty of learning the names, locations, and functions of numerous intricate anatomical structures. The axillary artery is no different; with so many branches, it’s easy to get them confused if you don’t have a good mnemonic. I’ve found this mnemonic to be extremely helpful: “Screw the Lawyer, Save the Patient.”

Superior Thoracic, Thoracoacromial, Lateral Thoracic, Subscapular, Anterior Circumflex Humeral, and Posterior Circumflex Humeral Arteries are the six arteries that branch off of the axillary artery. Medical students, nursing students, and doctors around the world will benefit from being able to remember this essential information by associating it with a catchy phrase.

The axillary artery is an important blood vessel because it carries blood to the upper body and chest. This makes it a key target for diagnostics and therapeutics. Students studying for exams and medical professionals reviewing for recertification will find “Screw The Lawyer Save A Patient” to be an invaluable resource.

So, let’s use this mnemonic to learn the branches of the axillary artery and, together, screw the lawyer and save some patients!


How To Remember The Axillary Artery Branches

Axillary artery branches :

  • Superior thoracic
  • Thoracoacromiol
  • Lateral thoracic
  • Subscapular
  • Anterior circumflex humeral
  • Posterior circumflex humeral

Mnemonic: Screw The Lawyer Save A Patient



Mnemonic To Remember Axillary Artery Branches

Mnemonic _ Axillary Artery Branches

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