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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “MIDDLE ALVEOLAR to remember about Middle Superior Alveolar Artery important facts


  • Maxillary Division: This artery is a branch of the Maxillary artery.
  • Internal Pterygoid Muscle: It courses through the internal pterygoid muscle.
  • Dental Supply: It supplies the upper teeth, including the premolars and molars.
  • Descends: The artery descends through the maxillary bone.
  • Labial Gingiva: It provides blood to the labial (front) gingiva of the upper teeth.
  • Embedded: The artery is embedded within the bone of the maxilla.
  • Artery: Of course, it’s an artery, specifically a branch of the maxillary artery.
  • Lateral Incisors: It also supplies blood to the lateral incisors.
  • Vascular: It’s a crucial vascular structure for dental health.
  • Emerges: Finally, it emerges from the maxilla to supply the upper dental arch.
  • Oblique Ridge: This artery often follows the oblique ridge of the maxilla.
  • Lesser Palatine Arteries: Branches of the Middle Superior Alveolar Artery also supply the lesser palatine arteries.
  • Anterior Alveolar Branches: It gives rise to anterior alveolar branches that provide blood to the alveolar processes of the maxilla.
  • Roots: It nourishes the roots of the upper teeth, ensuring their health.
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