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The Mnemonic “MAGIC HEADACHE” is really a magic way to remember the most important aspects of medication related headache.

This type of headache is very important for medical professionals & doctors because one can often encounter this type while in clinical rounds .

The exact cause of medication-overuse headache is not fully understood, but it may be related to changes in the brain’s pain processing pathways due to prolonged use of medications.

Frequent use of pain medications can lead to a paradoxical effect where the medication that was initially used to relieve headaches can actually trigger more headaches when used excessively.

Medication Related/Overuse Headache

    • M – Medication-related and Medication-overuse headache
    • A – Aggravate headache frequency
    • G – Greatly impair the effect of preventive medicines
    • I – Induce a state of refractory daily or near-daily headache
    • C – Cessation of analgesic use can lead to substantial improvement
    • H – Headache may persist even after cessation of analgesic use
    • E – Especially relevant for patients using opioids or barbiturates regularly
    • A – Represents the underlying primary headache disorder
    • D – Disorder commonly occurs in patients prone to migraine
    • A – Analgesic overuse can result in medication-overuse headache
    • C – Continuation of headache symptoms even after analgesic cessation
    • H – Headache severity and frequency may improve clinically
    • E – Especially important for patients with history of migraine.






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