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Medical Mnemonics E-book For High Octane Medical Exams

Hi, Medicos !

Welcome To Mnemonics World 

Here on this website, we create amazing medical mnemonics to help you stay ahead of the race.

Medical exams are not fun anywhere in the world, especially when in this rat race only few make it to the top

At Medicalsupernotes we are really trying to bring a revolution of sorts for medicos & doctors from all around the world trying to pass the hardest of medical exams all around the world.

We are building this portal on medical mnemonics. We aspire to have millions of mnemonics on this site by few years down the line.

We want you to recollect every damn info during your medical exam when brain freezes, hands sweat profusely and you can’t recollect anything else.

Our mnemonics will be a saviour then. As research says human brains are used to see patterns and can recollect better in stressful situations when information is arranged in categories.

Unlike other mnemonics site, we offer a slightly different approach.

We believe memorising complex valuable information needs equally triggering visual stimulation like this

Presenting in such a way makes the mnemonic more effective and more easier to recall during your exam when your other senses don’t support you at crucial moments

How This Mnemonic Book Delivers You Value ?

  • Medical Mnemonics To Supercharge Your Preparation
  • Easy To Remember
  • With High Chances Of Recollecting During Exam
  • Makes Remembering Concepts Fun
  • Cuts Your Preparation Time Into Half

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