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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “MAXILLARY ARTERY to remember about Maxillary Artery

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  • 📘 “Gray’s Anatomy”
  • 📗 “Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy”
  • 📙 “Essential Clinical Anatomy”
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  • 📔 “Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children”
  • 📒 “Medical Microbiology and Immunology”
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Maxillary Artery : How To Remember Easily ?

M – “Maxilla”: The maxillary artery originates from the external carotid artery.

A – “Anterior Temporal Branch”: One of its branches, the anterior temporal branch, supplies blood to the temporalis muscle.

X – “Xerostomia Prevention”: The maxillary artery contributes to blood supply in the oral region, aiding in preventing xerostomia (dry mouth).

I – “Infratemporal Fossa”: The artery runs through the infratemporal fossa, providing oxygenated blood to structures in this region.

L – “Lacrimal Gland”: One of the branches of the maxillary artery is the lacrimal artery, which supplies blood to the lacrimal gland.

L – “Leptomeningeal Branches”: The artery gives rise to leptomeningeal branches that contribute to blood supply in the meninges.

A – “Alveolar Arteries”: The maxillary artery provides alveolar arteries, which supply the upper teeth and surrounding structures.

R – “Rotundum Foramen”: The artery passes through the foramen rotundum, a bony opening in the skull.

T – “Terminal Branches”: The maxillary artery gives rise to several terminal branches that supply blood to various facial structures.

E – “Emissary Veins”: The artery also has connections with emissary veins, facilitating blood circulation between intracranial and extracranial regions.

R – “Recurrent Meningeal Branches”: The artery contributes to the blood supply of the meninges through its recurrent meningeal branches.

Y – “Yawning Muscles”: Branches of the maxillary artery supply blood to the muscles involved in yawning and chewing.



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