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Here is a quick mnemonic “MUSCLE FIBER to remember about Lower Motor Neuron Weakness

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Lower Motor Neuron Weakness Treatment : How To Remember Easily ?

  • M – Motor neurons in brainstem and anterior horn of spinal cord cause the pattern.
  • U – Upper motor neurons dysfunction can result in weakness.
  • S – Skeletal muscle fibers can be affected by disorders of lower motor neurons.
  • C – Connections between motor neurons and muscles can be disrupted.
  • L – Loss of α motor neurons can lead to weakness.
  • E – Excitation of muscle fibers depends on the activation of motor neurons.
  • F – Fasciculations may occur when motor units become diseased.
  • I – Involvement of spindle afferent fibers can be suggested by an absent stretch reflex.
  • B – But denervated muscle fibers may discharge spontaneously.
  • E – EMG can record spontaneous discharges of single muscle fibers.
  • R – Reduced recruitment of motor units can cause weakness.


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