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Here is a quick mnemonic “THALAMUS to remember about Localization Of Sensory Abnormalities To Thalamus

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Localization Of Sensory Abnormalities To Thalamus : How To Remember Easily ?

  • Tingling numbness: Hemisensory disturbance with tingling numbness from head to foot is often thalamic in origin.
  • Head to foot: The tingling numbness extends from the head to the foot.
  • Abrupt onset: If abrupt in onset, the lesion is likely to be due to a small stroke (lacunar infarction), particularly if localized to the thalamus.
  • Lesion: The lesion causing the hemisensory disturbance is likely located in the thalamus.
  • Anterior parietal region: Hemisensory disturbance can also arise from the anterior parietal region.
  • Mostly, lesions affecting the VPL nucleus or adjacent white matter can lead to a syndrome of thalamic pain, also called Déjerine-Roussy syndrome.
  • Unilateral pain: The persistent, unrelenting pain associated with thalamic pain syndrome is often unilateral.
  • Syndrome: Thalamic pain syndrome, also known as Déjerine-Roussy syndrome, may ensue.

Mnemonic : THALAMUS

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