Here are all the mnemonics you ever wanted on ⚡Liver Cancer⚡. These mnemonics covers all aspects of the disease/health condition 

Causes of Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: BEACH

B: Barbecued foods (exposure to carcinogens)

E: Excessive alcohol consumption

A: Aflatoxins (produced by fungi, found in improperly stored foods)

C: Cirrhosis (especially due to hepatitis B or C)

H: Hemochromatosis (iron overload disorder)

Triggers for Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: SAILS

S: Smoking

A: Aflatoxin exposure

I: Inherited liver diseases

L: Long-term liver diseases (like hepatitis)

S: Stress on the liver (chronic alcohol abuse)

Risk Factors For Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: VIRAL

V: Viral hepatitis (B and C)

I: Inherited liver conditions

R: Radiation exposure

A: Alcohol abuse

L: Liver cirrhosis

Warning Signs of Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: PAINS

P: Pain in the upper abdomen

A: Abdominal swelling

I: Itching

N: Nausea

S: Sudden weight loss

Predisposing Factors of Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: HATCH

H: Hepatitis infection

A: Alcoholic liver disease

T: Type 2 diabetes

C: Cirrhosis

H: Hemochromatosis

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: YELLOW

Y: Yellowing of skin and eyes (jaundice)

E: Easy bruising or bleeding

L: Loss of appetite

L: Lethargy

O: Obvious weight loss

W: Weakness

Characteristic Findings In Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: HUG

H: Hepatomegaly (enlarged liver)

U: Unexplained weight loss

G: Gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g., pain, nausea)

What Should Be Avoided In Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: ALCO

A: Alcohol

L: Liver-toxic medications

C: Contaminated foods (with aflatoxins)

O: Overexertion (physical stress on the body)

Drugs Used To Treat Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: SNORT

S: Sorafenib

N: Nivolumab

O: Oxaliplatin

R: Regorafenib

T: Trametinib

Drugs To Avoid In Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: PAIN

P: Paracetamol (acetaminophen) at high doses

A: Aspirin (and other NSAIDs)

I: Isoniazid

N: Nefazodone

Radiological Features of Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: MARCH

M: Masses or lesions on imaging

A: Arterial enhancement

R: Rapid washout in venous phase

C: Capsule appearance

H: Heterogeneous texture

Diagnostic Tests for Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: BLAST

B: Blood tests (liver function tests)

L: Liver biopsy

A: Alpha-fetoprotein test

S: Sonography (ultrasound)

T: Tomography (CT and MRI)

Laboratory Findings In Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: ALPHA

A: Alpha-fetoprotein elevation

L: Liver enzymes elevation

P: Prolonged prothrombin time

H: Hyperbilirubinemia

A: Alkaline phosphatase increase

Complications of Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: LIVER

L: Liver failure

I: Intra-abdominal bleeding

V: Vascular invasion

E: Extension to other organs

R: Renal impairment

Differential Diagnosis of Liver Cancer:

Mnemonic: CLASH

C: Cirrhosis

L: Liver abscess

A: Adenomas

S: Simple cysts

H: Hepatic metastases

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