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Mnemonic LINGUAL

Location: The Lingual Artery is located in the mouth and tongue area, supplying blood to these structures.

Internal Maxillary: It is a branch of the Internal Maxillary Artery, originating in the infratemporal fossa.

Nutrient Supply: The Lingual Artery provides nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and mucous membranes of the tongue.

Geniohyoid Muscle: It runs deep to the Geniohyoid muscle as it travels towards the tongue.

Unique Path: It has a unique path, looping around the posterior border of the Mylohyoid muscle.

Anastomoses: It forms anastomotic connections with the sublingual and submental arteries, ensuring a robust blood supply to the tongue.

Linguogingival Groove: This artery can be vulnerable to injury during dental procedures, especially in cases where there’s a Lingual Gingival Groove present, which can lead to bleeding complications.

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