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Left Internal Iliac Artery- : How To Remember Easily ?

LLigamentum Teres: The Left Internal Iliac Artery runs near the Ligamentum Teres of the liver.

EExternal Iliac Artery: The Left Internal Iliac Artery is a branch of the External Iliac Artery.

FFemoral Artery: It supplies blood to the Femoral Artery, which is a major vessel in the thigh.

TTerminal Branches: The Left Internal Iliac Artery gives rise to various Terminal Branches, including the Superior Gluteal Artery and the Inferior Gluteal Artery.

IIliopsoas Muscle: It runs deep to the Iliopsoas Muscle, an important muscle of the hip joint.

NNeighboring Structures: The Left Internal Iliac Artery is closely related to various neighboring structures in the pelvis, including nerves and veins.

TTransverse Pelvic Ligament: It passes through the Transverse Pelvic Ligament on its course.

EExternal Hemorrhoids: The Left Internal Iliac Artery may be relevant in surgical procedures for external hemorrhoids.

RRectum: It supplies blood to the Rectum and other pelvic organs.

NNerve Plexuses: It can have an impact on the autonomic nerve plexuses in the pelvic region.

AAnterior Division: The Left Internal Iliac Artery is one of the two divisions of the Internal Iliac Artery.

LLower Limb: It contributes to the blood supply of the lower limb by giving off branches that join the femoral artery.






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