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Left External Iliac Artery- : How To Remember Easily ?

LLumen Location: The Left External Iliac Artery is located on the left side of the lower abdomen, just below the navel.

EEndarterectomy: Left External Iliac Artery may require endarterectomy, a surgical procedure to remove plaque buildup.

FFemoral Connection: The artery connects with the Femoral Artery, providing blood flow to the lower extremities.

TThrombosis Risk: Patients with atherosclerosis are at risk of thrombosis in the Left External Iliac Artery.

IIliopsoas Overlap: The artery runs beneath the iliopsoas muscle in the abdomen.

LLymph Nodes Nearby: There are lymph nodes near the Left External Iliac Artery that can be affected in certain diseases.

IIliac Branches: The artery has branches, such as the inferior epigastric artery and deep circumflex iliac artery, that supply nearby structures.

AAnatomy Awareness: Surgeons must be highly aware of the artery’s anatomy when performing procedures in the lower abdomen.

CCollateral Circulation: In cases of artery blockage, collateral circulation from nearby vessels may compensate for reduced blood flow.


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