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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “LATERAL to remember Lateral Sacral Artery important facts

  • “Gray’s Anatomy” 📖 – Page 238
  • “Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy” 📖 – Page 503
  • “Clinical Anatomy by Systems” 📖 – Page 127
  • “Essential Clinical Anatomy” 📖 – Page 312
  • “Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies” 📖 – Page 179
  • “Atlas of Anatomy” 📖 – Page 405
  • “Human Anatomy & Physiology” 📖 – Page 264
  • “Grant’s Dissector” 📖 – Page 182

Lateral Sacral Artery : How To Remember Easily ?

LLumbosacral Region: The Lateral Sacral Artery is located in the lumbosacral region of the spine.

AArtery Branch: This artery is a branch of the internal iliac artery.

TTailbone Supply: It provides blood supply to the coccyx, also known as the tailbone.

EExtension of Iliolumbar Artery: The Lateral Sacral Artery is often considered as an extension of the iliolumbar artery.

RRegion of the Sacrum: It runs alongside the lateral aspect of the sacrum.

AAnastomoses: The Lateral Sacral Artery forms anastomoses with other arteries in the pelvic region, ensuring adequate blood supply.

LLower Spinal Cord: It contributes to the vascular supply of the lower spinal cord, including the sacral and coccygeal segments.

Mnemonic LATERAL


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