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Later Stage Diagnostic Tests In Fever Of Unknown Origin (FUO) : How To Remember Easily ?

  • B: Biopsy specimens are used to confirm abnormalities found with imaging or culture.
  • I: Inconclusive biopsies may require further investigation or a second-stage screening.
  • O: Obtaining lymph node biopsies is necessary when lymphadenopathy is found.
  • P: PET/CT and PDC-driven histologic investigations should be considered for diagnosis.
  • S: Skin biopsy should be undertaken for skin lesions.
  • Y: Yield of screening CT scans for patients with FUO is approximately 20%.
  • S: Specificity of chest CT is about 80%, while abdominal CT varies between 63% and 80%.
  • P: PET/CT is highly sensitive in detecting lymphoma, carcinoma, and osteomyelitis.
  • E: Elderly patients with FUO may have a high prevalence of giant cell arteritis.
  • C: Complications and even death are possible with liver biopsy, which is not recommended for screening purposes in FUO patients.
  • I: Invasiveness and high cost make the last steps of diagnostic workup less desirable.
  • M: More screening investigations should be avoided if a patient’s condition does not deteriorate.
  • E: Examination of laboratory results and imaging studies should be reviewed thoroughly.
  • N: New PDCs appearing can guide further diagnostic workup.


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