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Causes of Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “BLOCKED”

B – Blood clot formation

L – Low blood pressure episodes

O – Obstruction of intestinal arteries

C – Cholesterol embolism

K – Kinking of vessels (due to surgery or other interventions)

E – Elderly patients (more prone)

D – Dehydration leading to decreased blood flow


Triggers for Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “STRESS”

S – Surgery (particularly abdominal or cardiovascular)

T – Trauma to the abdomen

R – Running (long-distance, intense exercise)

E – Extreme dehydration

S – Stress (physical or emotional)

S – Sepsis


Risk Factors for Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “AGED”

A – Atherosclerosis

G – Geriatric population

E – Existing cardiovascular disease

D – Diabetes Mellitus


Warning Signs of Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “PAINFUL”

P – Pain in the abdomen

A – Altered bowel habits

I – Inflammation in the abdomen

N – Nausea

F – Fever

U – Urgency for bowel movement

L – Lightheadedness (due to dehydration)


Predisposing Factors of Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “VASCULAR”

V – Vascular diseases

A – Age over 60

S – Smoking

C – Chronic kidney disease

U – Use of certain medications (like NSAIDs)

L – Low cardiac output states

A – Arrhythmias

R – Recent vascular surgeries


Signs & Symptoms of Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “BLOODY”

B – Bloody stool

L – Left-sided abdominal pain

O – Ongoing diarrhea

O – Occasional vomiting

D – Distention of the abdomen

Y – Yellowness of skin (jaundice, if liver is affected)


Characteristic Findings in Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “COLIC”

C – Colon wall thickening on imaging

O – Occult blood in stool

L – Lower abdominal tenderness

I – Inflammatory markers elevated

C – Cyanosis of bowel tissue on colonoscopy


What Should Be Avoided in Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “NO HELP”


O – Overeating (large meals)

H – High-fat diets

E – Excessive alcohol

L – Laxatives (overuse)

P – Processed foods


Drugs Used to Treat Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “ABATE”

A – Antibiotics (for secondary infections)

B – Blood pressure management drugs

A – Anticoagulants (if clot-related)

T – Thrombolytics (if clot-related)

E – Electrolyte and fluid replacement


Drugs to Avoid in Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “AVOID”

A – Anticholinergics

V – Vasopressors (unless absolutely necessary)

O – Oral contraceptives (can increase clot risk)

I – Iron supplements (can irritate the bowel)

D – Diuretics (risk of dehydration)


Radiological Features of Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “RADIO”

R – Reduced bowel wall enhancement

A – Air in the bowel wall (pneumatosis intestinalis)

D – Distention of bowel

I – Irregular bowel wall thickening

O – Outlining of mesenteric vessels


Diagnostic Tests for Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “TESTS”

T – CT scan of the abdomen

E – Endoscopy (colonoscopy)

S – Stool test for occult blood

T – Test for dehydration (blood tests)

S – Serum lactate levels


Laboratory Findings in Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “LABS”

L – Leukocytosis (increased white blood cells)

A – Anemia

B – Blood in stool (occult)

S – Serum electrolyte imbalances


Complications of Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “SCARY”

S – Stricture formation

C – Colonic perforation

A – Abscess formation

R – Recurrent episodes

Y – Yielding to chronic ischemic colitis


Differential Diagnosis of Ischemic Colitis

Mnemonic: “DIFFER”

D – Diverticulitis

I – Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis)

F – Fecal impaction

F – Foodborne illness

E – Enterocolitis

R – Radiation colitis


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