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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “INFRAORBITAL to remember about Infraorbital Artery important facts


I – Internal Maxillary Artery: The Infraorbital Artery is a branch of the Internal Maxillary Artery.

N – Nasal: It supplies blood to the nasal region.

F – Facial: It also contributes to the blood supply of the facial area.

R – Reaches: It reaches the infraorbital region, supplying it with oxygenated blood.

A – And: It continues to provide blood to the adjacent areas.

O – Orbit: It is named “Infraorbital” because it runs beneath the orbit (eye socket).

R – Releasing: It plays a role in releasing blood to the infraorbital region.

B – Branches: The artery has several branches within the infraorbital region.

I – Including: This includes branches to the upper lip and lower eyelid.

T – Toward: The artery flows toward the infraorbital foramen.

A – Anastomoses: It forms anastomoses with other arteries in the facial region.

L – Lacrimal: It may also supply the lacrimal gland in some individuals.

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