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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “INFERIOR to remember about Inferior Alveolar Artery important facts


I – Inferior Alveolar Artery is a branch of the Internal Maxillary Artery.

N – Nourishes the Neck of the Mandible by supplying blood to the surrounding tissues.

F – Forms the Foramen Ovale, passing through it on its course.

E – Enters the Inferior Alveolar Canal within the mandible.

R – Runs alongside the Mandibular Nerve (V3 of the Trigeminal nerve) in the canal.

I – It eventually supplies blood to the Incisor and Canine Teeth in the lower jaw.

O – Often anesthetized by dentists for procedures on the lower teeth.

R – Receives blood from the Inferior Alveolar Vein, returning deoxygenated blood from the region.

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