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What if there is a cool way to remember the importance of location in chest discomfort ? Well, how about “STRONG PEAR”. This is the mnemonic to remember this topic forever

During my time at med school, i was fascinated by mnemonics and often scored high marks in exams when I used mnemonics vs when I did not. Location of chest discomfort is an important topic for medical & nursing exams and you should memorise this mnemonic vehemently 

Importance Of Location of Chest Discomfort Mnemonics :

  • S – Substernal location
  • T – Typical radiation to neck, jaw, shoulder, or arms
  • R – Radiation to both arms has high association with MI
  • O – Only symptoms of ischemia may be aching in sites of radiated pain
  • N – No highly localized pain for angina
  • G – Gastrointestinal conditions present with pain most intense in abdomen or epigastrium
  • P – Pain may occur in epigastric location
  • E – Pain solely above mandible or below epigastrium is rarely angina
  • A – Acute aortic syndrome should be considered with severe pain radiating to back
  • R – Radiation to trapezius ridge is characteristic of pericardial pain and not angina



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