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Ileolumbar Artery- : How To Remember Easily ?

I – Ileolumbar Artery: This artery arises from the posterior division of the internal iliac artery.

L – Lateral Branch: The Ileolumbar artery gives off a lateral branch that supplies the psoas major muscle.

E – Enters the Psoas: It enters the psoas major muscle after branching.

O – Originates Near the Iliac Crest: The Ileolumbar artery originates near the iliac crest.

L – Lumbar Vertebrae Supply: It provides blood supply to the lumbar vertebrae.

U – Unites with the 4th Lumbar Artery: It unites with the fourth lumbar artery, forming an anastomosis in the lumbar region.

M – Muscular and Osseous Structures: The Ileolumbar artery supplies blood to various muscular and osseous structures in the lumbar region.

B – Branches: It has branches that contribute to the vascular network of the lower back and pelvis.

A – Anastomoses: The Ileolumbar artery participates in important anastomoses in the lumbar and sacral regions.

R – Relevant in Spinal Surgery: Surgeons often consider the Ileolumbar artery during procedures involving the lumbar spine.


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