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Here is a quick mnemonic “OCULAR EYE to remember about Herpes Zoster Infection In Eye

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Herpes Zoster Infection In Eye : How To Remember Easily ?

  • O – Ocular symptoms can occur after zoster eruption in any branch of the trigeminal nerve.
  • C – Corneal dendrites can be difficult to distinguish from those seen in herpes simplex.
  • U – Uveitis, anterior, is a common sequelae of herpes zoster ophthalmicus.
  • L – Largely, raised intraocular pressure is another common sequelae.
  • A – Antiviral agents and cycloplegics are used to treat herpes zoster ophthalmicus.
  • R – Retinal necrosis, acute, is a possible complication.
  • E – Eye, ophthalmic, is the affected area in herpes zoster ophthalmicus.
  • Y – Younger individuals should also consider vaccination to prevent shingles.
  • E – Elderly individuals, aged 50 years and older, should be vaccinated to prevent shingles.

Mnemonic : OCULAR EYE

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