Herpes Zoster⚡Mnemonic⚡

Here are all the mnemonics you ever wanted on ⚡Herpes Zoster⚡. These mnemonics covers all aspects of the disease/health condition 

Causes of Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “TIGER”

T – Torpid immune system

I – Initial Varicella infection

G – Geriatric population (common in older adults)

E – Emotional stress

R – Radiation therapy


Triggers for Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “SPARK”

S – Stress (physical or emotional)

P – Postoperative periods

A – Aging immune system

R – Recent illness

K – Kidney transplantation (or other organ transplants)


Risk Factors For Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “HAWAII”


A – Age (older adults)

W – Weakened immune system

A – Autoimmune disorders

I – Immunosuppressive therapy

I – Illness (recent)


Warning Signs of Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “BLAZE”

B – Burning sensation

L – Lesions (blister-like)

A – Ache (painful ache)

Z – Zonal distribution (localized to one side of the body)

E – Erythema (redness)


Predisposing Factors of Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “OLDER”

O – Old age

L – Low immunity

D – Diabetes mellitus

E – Exposure to Varicella

R – Radiation or chemotherapy


Signs & Symptoms of Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “PHOENIX”

P – Pain

H – Herpetiform vesicle eruption

O – Ocular complications (if trigeminal nerve is involved)

E – Erythematous base

N – Neuropathic pain

I – Itching

X – eXcruciating pain


Characteristic Findings In Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “SHIVER”

S – Segmental rash

H – Hemorrhagic vesicles

I – Inflammation of nerves

V – Vesicular eruption

E – Erythematous base

R – Radicular pain


What Should Be Avoided In Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “SKIP”

S – Scratching lesions

K – Keeping affected area moist

I – Ignoring symptoms

P – Prolonged sun exposure


Drugs Used To Treat Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “ACORN”

A – Acyclovir

C – Corticosteroids (for inflammation)

O – Opioids (for severe pain)

R – Rest (bed rest during acute phase)

N – NSAIDs (for pain and inflammation)


Drugs To Avoid In Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “NOISE”

N – NSAIDs (if contraindicated)

O – Opiates (if unnecessary or addictive)

I – Immunosuppressants (worsen condition)

S – Steroids (if contraindicated)

E – Excessive antivirals


Radiological Features of Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “LIGHT”

L – Lesion enhancement

I – Inflammation of nerves visible on MRI

G – Ganglion enlargement

H – Hyperintensity on T2 MRI

T – Thickening of the Radiculopathy is a common cause of back pain.

  • A – A herniated disk affecting the nerve roots


    Diagnostic Tests for Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “TEST”

    T – Tzanck smear

    E – ELISA for Varicella Zoster Virus

    S – Skin biopsy

    T – PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)


    Laboratory Findings In Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “LABS”

    L – Leukocytosis

    A – Antibodies against Varicella Zoster Virus

    B – Blood cultures (to rule out secondary infection)

    S – Skin lesion PCR or culture


    Complications of Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “SCARS”

    S – Superinfection of lesions

    C – Chronic pain (post-herpetic neuralgia)

    A – Acute retinal necrosis

    R – Ramsay Hunt syndrome

    S – Scarring and skin discoloration


    Differential Diagnosis of Herpes Zoster: Mnemonic: “DIFFER”

    D – Dermatitis (contact dermatitis)

    I – Impetigo

    F – Folliculitis

    F – Furunculosis

    E – Eczema

    R – Ringworm (Tinea corporis)

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