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If you want to learn the most important facts related to headache in patients with brain tumors, then the mnemonic “HEADS UP” can help you learn a lot in just under 1 minute.

How does the pain differ from other types of headache ? Does it worsen or relieved by anything?. This mnemonic will help you in your clinical rotations and in your medical & nursing exams by helping you to remember the most important aspects in this type of cases.

Headache In Brain Tumors Explained Via Mnemonic  :

    • H – Headache is chief complaint in 30% of brain tumor patients
    • A – Aching, moderate pain worsened by exertion or position change
    • V – Vomiting preceding headache by weeks in posterior fossa tumors
    • O – Amenorrhea/galactorrhea indicates prolactin-secreting pituitary adenoma
    • C – Cerebral metastases or carcinomatous meningitis in patients with known malignancy
    • P – Pain abruptly appearing after bending, lifting, or coughing
    • A – Associated with nausea and vomiting
    • C – Characteristic sleep disturbance in 10% of patients
    • T – Tumor-induced headache pattern differs from migraine

Mnemonic: HAVOC PACT


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