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If you are looking for info on headache due to Intracranial Hemorrhage, then this mnemonic can help you to quickly learn about te essentials of this topic within a minute by memorising the mnemonic “HEADS UP”

I made up this mnemonic while I was learning in med school and often found it helpful to remember the main points of this type of headache which had come handy in my clinical rotations as well high stakes medical exams. Hope you like it.


What to look out for in headache due to Intracranial Hemorrhage ? :

    • H – Headache lasting >5 min
    • E – Excruciatingly severe
    • A – Acute onset, maximal in <5 min
    • D – Diagnose definitively with LP (Lumbar Puncture)
    • S – Stiff neck but without fever
    • U – Usually suggests Subarachnoid hemorrhage
    • P – Presentations of Aneurysm, Arteriovenous malformation, or Intraparenchymal hemorrhage

Mnemonic: HEADS UP


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