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Finding It Tough To Read Harrison Medicine

If you are finding it tough to read Harrison’s Internal Medicine, don’t worry. You are in the same boat as I was several years ago during my Medical school years

Harrison is a tough medicine book to read, let alone use it productively for medical exams like USMLE, NEET PG, NExT Medical or MBBS.

How many times you wanted to call it quits on Harrison ?

Every time I guess !

But then this book is a treasure trove for questions and is loved by medical professors & teachers all around the world !

In almost all competitive exams Harrison is an important subject from which MCQs are framed every year 

So, is there a way out ?

Thanks God, there definitely is

How I tackled Reading Harrison To Get The Maximum Juice For MCQs ?

Once I decided that I won’t read Harrison page by page, the question was how to read Harrison in a way that fetches me maximum marks in MCQ pattern exam with minimum effort ?

Thankfully I found an interesting solution ! I found that every major medical book has certain “key words” which are very important for medical exams but none of us know about it.

These words are called “1500 Punch Words“, a name coined by me to symbolise the existence of 1500 such words which are vital to revealing all high yield statements from top medical books 

Here are some examples out of a total of 1500 punch words 

These are not just any words. These words are responsible for most of the medical MCQs asked in any medical exams anywhere in the world 

They are very vital as they hold the key to most important sentences from top medical books

I applied all the words to Harrison and have made a 958 pages notes out of it to help you supercharge your preparation for medical exam

With the Harrison medical notes you will be able to defeat your competitors in crucial medical exams as they won’t be able to go through these high yield pearls of information

Check Out The First 50 Pages

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Why Medical Students Love Our "Harrison Medical Notes" So Much ?

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