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GGlandular Branch: This branch originates from the Facial Artery, which is a major vessel in the face.

LLacrimal Gland: The Glandular Branch supplies blood to the lacrimal gland, which produces tears to keep the eye moist.

AAccessory Parotid Gland: It also provides blood to the accessory parotid gland, which is a minor salivary gland located near the parotid gland.

NNutrient Supply: This branch ensures a nutrient supply to the glands it serves, helping them function properly.

DDucts: Some of the glands supplied by the Glandular Branch have ducts that release their secretions into the oral cavity or other structures.

UUpper Lip: Blood from this branch may also contribute to the vascularization of the upper lip, which is important for lip function.

LLymphatic Drainage: In addition to blood supply, this branch may play a role in the lymphatic drainage of the glands it serves.

AAnastomoses: The Glandular Branch can form connections with other nearby arteries through anastomoses, ensuring adequate blood flow to these structures.

RRegulation: Blood flow through the Glandular Branch is regulated to meet the changing demands of the glands it supplies.

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