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Causes of Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “PREGNANT”

P: Placental factors

R: Renal issues pre-pregnancy

E: Excessive weight gain

G: Genetic predisposition

N: New blood pressure issues

A: Age (older maternal age)

N: Nulliparity (first-time pregnancy)

T: Twins or multiple gestations

Triggers for Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “PRESSURE”

P: Physical inactivity

R: Rapid weight gain

E: Excessive salt intake

S: Stress

S: Sleep disturbances

U: Unhealthy diet

R: Reduced placental perfusion

E: Environmental factors

Risk Factors For Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “MOTHER”

M: Maternal age over 35

O: Obesity

T: Twin or multiple pregnancy

H: History of hypertension

E: Ethnicity (higher in some groups)

R: Renal disease

Warning Signs of Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “HIGH RISK”

H: Headaches

I: Increased blood pressure

G: Gaining weight rapidly

H: Hyperreflexia

R: Reduced urine output

I: IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction)

S: Swelling (hands and face)

K: Kidney function decline

Predisposing Factors of Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “BABY HIGH”

B: Blood pressure history

A: Autoimmune disorders

B: BMI high pre-pregnancy

Y: Young maternal age (under 20)

H: Heredity factors

I: Inadequate prenatal care

G: Gestational diabetes

H: History of gestational hypertension

Signs & Symptoms of Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “BLOOD PRESS”

B: Blood pressure elevation

L: Leg swelling

O: Ocular changes (vision changes)

O: Oliguria (low urine output)

D: Dizziness

P: Proteinuria

R: Rapid weight gain

E: Edema (swelling)

S: Severe headache

S: Shortness of breath

Characteristic Findings In Gestational Hypertension


H: Hypertension (elevated BP)

Y: Yields proteinuria in severe cases

P: Pulmonary edema in severe cases

E: Edema

R: Reflexes increased (hyperreflexia)

T: Thrombocytopenia in severe cases

E: Elevated liver enzymes in severe cases

N: Nausea or vomiting

S: Swelling (especially in hands and face)

I: Impaired liver function in severe cases

O: Oliguria

N: Nervous system changes (headaches, vision changes)

Clinical Features of Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “RAISED BP”

R: Rising blood pressure

A: Albuminuria/proteinuria

I: Increased reflexes

S: Swelling (edema)

E: Elevated liver enzymes (in severe cases)

D: Decreased platelets (in severe cases)

B: Breathing difficulty (in severe cases)

P: Pain in the upper abdomen (epigastric pain)

What Should Be Avoided In Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “NO SALT”

N: No added salt

O: Over-the-counter NSAIDs

S: Stress

A: Alcohol

L: Late nights (lack of sleep)

T: Tobacco use

Drugs Used To Treat Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “SAFE MEDS”

S: Serpasil (Reserpine)

A: Aldomet (Methyldopa)

F: Furosemide (in cases of pulmonary edema)

E: Epigastric pain (upper abdomen pain)

M: Magnesium sulfate (for eclampsia)

E: Enalapril (with caution)

D: Diuretics (in specific cases)

S: Serum liver enzymes (monitoring)

Drugs To Avoid In Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “DANGEROUS”

D: Diuretics (unless specifically indicated)

A: ACE inhibitors


G: Glucocorticoids

E: Ergotamines

R: Renin inhibitors

O: Oral contraceptives

U: Unnecessary antihypertensives

S: Stimulants

Diagnostic Tests for Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “CHECK BP”

C: CBC (Complete Blood Count)

H: Hepatic function tests

E: Electrolyte levels

C: Creatinine levels (kidney function)

K: Kidney function tests

B: Blood pressure monitoring

P: Proteinuria test (urine analysis)

Laboratory Findings In Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “LAB HIGH”

L: Liver enzymes elevated

A: Albuminuria (protein in urine)

B: Blood pressure increased

H: Hematocrit (may be high)

I: Increased creatinine

G: Glucose tolerance test (for gestational diabetes)

H: Hb (hemoglobin, check for anemia)

Complications of Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “COMPLICATE”

C: Cerebral hemorrhage (in severe cases)

O: Oliguria (low urine output)

M: Maternal organ damage

P: Placental abruption

L: Low birth weight

I: Increased perinatal mortality

C: Cesarean delivery

A: Acute renal failure

T: Thrombocytopenia

E: Eclampsia

Differential Diagnosis of Gestational Hypertension

Mnemonic: “OTHER BP”

O: Other forms of chronic hypertension

T: Thyroid disorders

H: Heart diseases

E: Essential hypertension

R: Renal diseases

B: Blood disorders

P: Pre-eclampsia

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