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Genetic Causes Of Hearing Loss : How To Remember Easily ?

  • H: Hereditary hearing impairment (HHI) can manifest later in life.
  • E: Either nonsyndromic or syndromic classification for HHI.
  • A: Anomalies in other organ systems can be associated with hearing loss.
  • R: Recessive and dominant inheritance patterns for nonsyndromic HHI.
  • I: Ion channels and structural proteins are among the genes involved.
  • N: Numerous genes have been identified for nonsyndromic HHI.
  • G: GJB2 gene is responsible for a significant proportion of childhood deafness.
  • L: Less than 5% of HHI cases are X-linked or maternally inherited.
  • O: Onset and severity of hearing loss vary based on genetic factors.
  • S: Several genes and factors influence the auditory phenotype.
  • S: Screening for specific mutations alone may be insufficient.
  • G: Genetic susceptibility and environmental exposure contribute to presbycusis.
  • E: Environmental factors can impact the genetic expression of hearing loss.
  • N: Noise-induced hearing loss may have a genetic component.
  • E: Numerous syndromic forms of hearing loss exist.
  • T: Thyroid organification defect and hearing loss are associated with Pendred’s syndrome.
  • I: Inheritance of prolonged QT interval and hearing loss in Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome.
  • C: Connexin 26 and 30 genes play a role in hearing loss


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