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By remembering the mnemonic “CHEST PAIN,” you can easily recall the key points about gastrointestinal disorders that may be a cause of chest pain/discomfort discussed in this passage.

Gastrointestinal Causes Of Chest Discomfort Mnemonic :

  • C – Common cause of nontraumatic chest discomfort
  • H – Hepatobiliary disorders may mimic acute cardiopulmonary diseases
  • E – Esophageal disorders can simulate angina
  • S – Symptoms are difficult to discern from serious causes of chest pain
  • T – The pain of esophageal spasm is intense and squeezing
  • P – Peptic ulcer disease can radiate into the chest
  • A – Attacks of pain from hepatobiliary disorders subside spontaneously
  • I – Injury to the esophagus can cause chest pain
  • N – Nitroglycerin or dihydropyridine calcium channel antagonists can relieve esophageal spasm

Mnemonic: CHEST PAIN


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