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Here are all the mnemonics you ever wanted on Fibroids. These mnemonics covers all aspects of the disease/health condition 

Causes of Fibroids

Mnemonic: “PEARLS”

P: Pregnancy history

E: Estrogen influence

A: African descent

R: Reproductive age

L: Lifestyle factors

S: Genetic Susceptibility


Triggers for Fibroids

Mnemonic: “HORMONE”

H: Hormonal therapy

O: Obesity

R: Reproductive hormones

M: Menstrual cycle irregularities

O: Ovulatory dysfunction

N: Nutritional factors

E: Environmental toxins


Risk Factors For Fibroids

Mnemonic: “FAMILY”

F: Family history

A: Age (30s-40s)

M: Menstrual cycle onset (early)

I: Increased BMI

L: Lifestyle (sedentary)

Y: Years of fertility


Warning Signs of Fibroids

Mnemonic: “HEAVY”

H: Heavy menstrual bleeding

E: Enlarged uterus

A: Anemia symptoms

V: Varying menstrual cycle lengths

Y: Year-round bleeding irregularities


Predisposing Factors of Fibroids

Mnemonic: “BIRTH”

B: Birth control long-term use

I: Inherited genetic changes

R: Race (higher in Black women)

T: Time (increased age)

H: Hypertension


Signs & Symptoms of Fibroids

Mnemonic: “PRESSURE”

P: Pelvic pain

R: Reproductive issues (infertility)

E: Excessive menstruation

S: Sexual discomfort

S: Size increase of the abdomen

U: Urinary frequency

R: Rectal pressure

E: Enlargement of the lower abdomen


Characteristic Findings In Fibroids

Mnemonic: “FIRM”

F: Firm masses in uterus

I: Irregular uterine shape

R: Round nodules palpable

M: Myometrial expansion


Clinical Features of Fibroids

Mnemonic: “BLEED”

B: Bleeding abnormalities

L: Lower back pain

E: Enlarged abdomen

E: Endometrial symptoms

D: Discomfort during intercourse


What Should Be Avoided In Fibroids

Mnemonic: “CAFE”

C: Caffeine excess

A: Alcohol abuse

F: Fatty foods

E: Excessive estrogen exposure


Drugs Used To Treat Fibroids

Mnemonic: “MEDICINE”

M: Mifepristone

E: Estrogen modulators

D: Danazol

I: Ibuprofen for pain

C: Contraceptives (hormonal)

I: Iron supplements


E: Embolization agents


Drugs To Avoid In Fibroids

Mnemonic: “STRESS”

S: Steroids (anabolic)

T: Tamoxifen

R: Recreational drugs

E: Estrogen high-dose

S: Stimulant laxatives

S: Synthetic progestins


Radiological Features of Fibroids

Mnemonic: “US MRI”

U: Uterus enlargement

S: Shadows (hypoechoic)

M: Mass effect

R: Round shape

I: Inhomogeneous texture


Diagnostic Tests for Fibroids

Mnemonic: “ULTRA”

U: Ultrasound

L: Laparoscopy

T: Transvaginal scan


A: Hysteroscopy


Laboratory Findings In Fibroids

Mnemonic: “HB LEVEL”

H: Hemoglobin (low)

B: Blood count (CBC)

L: LFTs (Liver Function Tests)

E: Estrogen levels

V: Vitamin D levels

E: Endometrial biopsy

L: Lipid profile


Complications of Fibroids

Mnemonic: “COMPLICATE”

C: Compression symptoms

O: Obstruction (urinary or bowel)

M: Menorrhagia

P: Pain (pelvic)

L: Labor issues

I: Infertility

C: Chronic anemia

A: Abdominal enlargement

T: Twisting (torsion)

E: Endometriosis-like symptoms


Differential Diagnosis of Fibroids

Mnemonic: “OTHERS”

O: Ovarian cysts

T: Tumors (malignant)

H: Hydrosalpinx

E: Endometriosis

R: Reproductive tract anomalies

S: Sarcomas (rare)

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