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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “FACIAL BRANCHES to remember Facial Nerve Branches important facts

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Facial Nerve Branches : How To Remember Easily ?

  • F – Frontal Branch: “Facial nerve’s Frontal branch innervates the frontalis muscle.”
  • A – Anterior Auricular Branch: “The Anterior Auricular branch supplies muscles around the ear.”
  • C – Chorda Tympani: “Chorda Tympani carries taste sensations from the anterior two-thirds of the tongue.”
  • I – Incisive Branch: “The Incisive branch innervates the muscles of the lower lip.”
  • A – Angular Branch: “Angular branch provides motor fibers to the muscles around the eye.”
  • L – Lateral Nasal Branch: “Lateral Nasal branch serves the muscles of the nose.”
  • B – Buccal Branch: “Buccal branch supplies the muscles of the cheek.”
  • R – Retroauricular Branch: “Retroauricular branch innervates muscles behind the ear.”
  • A – Auricular Branch: “Auricular branch supplies muscles around the ear.”
  • N – Nerve to Stapedius: “The Nerve to Stapedius innervates the stapedius muscle.”
  • C – Cervical Branch: “Cervical branch provides innervation to the neck muscles.”
  • H – Posterior Auricular Branch: “Posterior Auricular branch supplies muscles behind the ear.”
  • E – External Auditory Meatus Branch: “The External Auditory Meatus branch innervates the external ear canal.”
  • S – Stylohyoid Branch: “Stylohyoid branch serves the stylohyoid and posterior belly of the digastric muscles.”


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