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External Pudendal Artery : How To Remember Easily ?

  • P – Perineal Branch: The pudendal artery gives rise to the perineal branch, supplying blood to the perineum.
  • U – Urogenital Branch: Another branch is the urogenital branch, which provides blood to the urogenital structures.
  • D – Deep Artery of the Penis: This artery contributes to the blood supply of the penis, ensuring adequate circulation during arousal.
  • E – External Hemorrhoidal Artery: The pudendal artery also gives off branches that supply the external hemorrhoidal veins, important in conditions like hemorrhoids.
  • N – Nerve Accompaniments: Along its course, the pudendal artery is closely associated with nerves, providing a vascular supply to these structures.
  • D – Dual Origin: The pudendal artery typically has a dual origin, arising from both the anterior and posterior divisions of the internal iliac artery.
  • A – Arterial Anastomoses: The pudendal artery forms various arterial anastomoses in the pelvic region, ensuring collateral blood flow.
  • L – Labial or Scrotal Branches: Depending on the sex of the individual, the pudendal artery may give rise to labial branches in females or scrotal branches in males.
  • A – Accessory Arteries: In some cases, accessory pudendal arteries may be present, further contributing to the blood supply of the perineum and genitals.
  • R – Rectal Branches: The pudendal artery can also supply blood to the rectum through its rectal branches.
  • T – Transverse Perineal Artery: This artery is a branch of the pudendal artery and plays a crucial role in the vascularization of the perineum.
  • E – External Pudendal Artery: Finally, the External Pudendal Artery itself is a significant vessel responsible for the blood supply to external genitalia and perineal structures.
  • R – Rectal Branches: The pudendal artery can also supply blood to the rectum through its rectal branches.
  • Y – Yields: The External Pudendal Artery yields numerous branches, ensuring comprehensive vascular supply to the perineum and external genitalia.


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