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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “EXTERNAL  ARTERY to remember External Iliac Artery important facts

  • 📚 “Gray’s Anatomy” by Henry Gray
  • 📚 “Atlas of Human Anatomy” by Frank H. Netter
  • 📚 “Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology” by Valerie C. Scanlon
  • 📚 “Clinically Oriented Anatomy” by Keith L. Moore
  • 📚 “🔬Histology: A Text and Atlas” by Michael H. Ross and Wojciech Pawlina
  • 📚 “🦴Bones: Structure and Mechanics” by John D. Currey
  • 📚 “🧠Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases” by Hal Blumenfeld
  • 📚 “🩸Essentials of Medical Physiology” by Sembulingam and Prema Sembulingam

External Iliac Artery- : How To Remember Easily ?

External Iliac Artery: This is the artery we’re focusing on.

X-Ray Visualization: It can be visualized using X-ray techniques when needed for medical procedures.

Typically Under the Inguinal Ligament: It passes under the inguinal ligament in the lower abdomen.

External to the Peritoneum: It’s located outside the peritoneal cavity.

Relatively Large: In comparison to some other arteries, it has a noticeable size.

Nutrient Blood Flow: It carries oxygenated blood to the lower limbs, providing nutrients.

Arises from Common Iliac Artery: It originates from the common iliac artery.

Located in the Pelvic Region: It’s situated in the pelvic area.

Access Point for Surgery: Surgeons may use it as an access point during certain procedures.

Runs Parallel to the Femoral Artery: It runs alongside the femoral artery as it descends into the thigh.

Terminal Branches in the Thigh: It eventually gives rise to branches that supply blood to the thigh muscles.

Exceptionally Important: Its function is crucial for lower limb circulation.

Region of the Iliac Crest: It’s found in the region of the iliac crest in the pelvis.

Yielding Pulsatile Flow: Like other arteries, it carries blood in a pulsatile manner due to cardiac contractions.


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